Temporary Relief

When a party seeks protection or help from the court during the pendency of a case, he or she is in need of “temporary relief”.  There are several types of temporary relief that can be requested of the Court prior to the final resolution of a case, including but not limited to the following: temporary alimony to assist with living expenses, a temporary custody arrangement, temporary child support for the children involved based on the guidelines established by Florida law, a temporary injunction against domestic violence (see DVI section) or restraining orders preventing the removal of children, freezing assets to prevent dissipation of them by the opposing party, and temporary attorney’s fees and costs to help fund the expense of litigation.  In most cases, the court requires the parties to attend mediation prior to awarding temporary relief, and the court will conduct a hearing on the issues.

At The Women’s Law Group, we work with our clients to assess their needs and whether temporary relief is necessary during the pendency of the dissolution proceedings.